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as far as not having friends bit goes, I can also understand where your coming from, as i don't really have any friends either.  in fact, the only friends i have are on hubpages (yes, i know that's sad), and even then they're hardly ever on anymore.  And the people that are on usually these days, I have seldom things in common with or the forums often die down once i post.  No offense to anyone reading this, as that's just based on russian escorts pure observation.  Therefore, I can understand where your coming from on this too.  Look, you seem like a great guy, and I'm sorry you may hate me for this.

as far as people calling you a freak are concerned, the best advice i can give you is this.  people often ridicule others to make themselves feel good about themselves.  however, if you just ignore them, then your taking away their power over you.  It sounds like you care a lot about what others think of you, but you want to know one of the best days of my life was?  It was the day when i stopped caring about what others thought of me.  therefore, you should stop worrying what others think of you. if someone calls you a loser, then screw them.  it's their loss.  heck, a guy in forums a few days ago made an insinuation about my intelligence or lack thereof according to him...roll

Sure, i was mad at first, but i got over it.  heck, i haven't even thought about it since until right now while typing this.  lol  for whatever it's worth, i don't think your a freak.  anyone that calls you that is a freak.  No, you just seem like a normal kid to me.  if it makes you feel better, i can offer you some advice on how to be confident.

a friend of mine on here taught me this a while back.  anytime your about to say something negative or mean about yourself whether it be out loud or in your mind.  stop yourself before saying that negative word and take a deep breath.  then after that, you replace that word with something positive like winner or something like that.  if you do that consistently, then you'll gradually start to believe it.  hence, you might start to become a lot more confident about yourself.  anyways, i hope that helps you out. 

as far as your original post question goes, sex is great...but it's a lot better when it's with someone special that you love.  I'll just leave it at that.  Not that I would know, as I only had sex with someone that didn't really care about me at all.  However, that's from what I heard.

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29 Oct 2015
"My big brother says, women are a necessary evil" - Bud.

Well my big brother is right, in some regard. Women are necessary to a man's existence, however I would not venture so far as to saying that its an evil necessity (except for some).

I am what some think is an anomaly-- an educated, God-fearing, goal driven, heterosexual, single BRUTHA. Yes, we do exist and many of my friends are currently maintaining the same status. The question is, WHY AM I STILL SINGLE? In light of such good characteristics, I often wonder if I should shed my image-- Should I get a gold grill, sell drugs, or start cheating on women? You know nowadays even the most educated of single horny Sistas love a thug in their life.

After personal experiences, and anthropological research (you know I keep it scholarly), I have come up with a 4 pronged risk factor for single Bruthas. Meaning, women need to overcome the following 4 obstacles in order to get the strong Barack Black man that they rightfully deserve.

1. Bag Ladies- Erykah Badu said it best. Sistas, do not enter our courtship with experiences from your past. I am not saying to forget them, rather, use them as a guide when choosing future partners. However, do not let the old ninja you dated dictate the parameters of our relationship. Don't punish me because he cheated on you, left you broke, dumped you after he crossed into his fraternity, and refused to get a college degree. In short, don't let a few dozen rotten apples ruin the entire orchard of billions.

2. DL Paranoia- Damn Ladies, let that go! Every neatly dressed, articulate, college educated Brutha is NOT gay. My opinion is that there is no such thing as DL, because if you looked and thought about it long enough, the fella would have emitted some type of signal to let you know that he really is not that much into you, but rather, your homeboys.

3. Self Insecurities- (sighs). "He wasn't all that anyway". I understand that Sistas are conditioned to seeing trifling and shiftless men, but don't disregard the exception just because he is that. Don't get angry because I am smart enough to argue back with you, as opposed to nodding my head. Don't be intimidated by the fact that I am just as smart as you. My educated Sistas have this twisted desire to run men, and do not like to be challenged. Realize that together, us two powerful assholes could take over the world-- Black love style.

4. Thug Life- "You are just too normal and nice". I had 2 girls tell me that once. I am normal because I went to school, hung out with friends, and loved my family. And that was boring to them. I listen to how some of my female friends talk about how they love Lil Wayne-- tattoos, baby mama, cocaine AND ALL. If this is your idea of an exciting lifestyle, then you will never get the successful Brutha that your yearn for.

Sistas, please take this into consideration. There are tons of us out here willing and ready to love ya'll. And WHITEY just ain't good enough for me.

Single and Wondering Why,


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28 Oct 2015
IRINA Shayk shows exactly why shes hot property as a model in a series of sizzling lingerie shots.

Shes a Russian coal miners daughter who moved to New York to become one of todays most in demand models. Now football ace Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend proves shes Gods gift to the lingerie business by sizzling on the cover of Esquires February issue.

But this is as much as you are likely to see of the stunning 25 year old, as she says shed never reveal more in a magazine.

She said: I would never do Playboy. Yes, I am a lingerie model, but I have class. Playboy offered me so much money last year. I was like: No. way.'

"All right, Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer did it, but they did it at the end of their career and it was classy. I think of myself as a cover sex buddies nude girl but I would never do some kind of cheesy magazine.

Irina Shayk photoshoot for EsquireIrina Shayk photoshoot for Esquire cover

Meanwhile, when asked about the opposite sex, she added: Different things about men appeal to me. When I see a man on the street, I look at the shoes and the hands.

"I love it when a man wears some good shoes! Or when theyre very cute or smart. I love a sense of humour.

Read the full Irina Shayk interview in the February issue of Esquire, on sale tomorrow.

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28 Oct 2015
On the web Dating: What can I expect from my dating web site

In recent years, the online dating business has exploded and today you can find literally a large number of dating web sites to select from. These websites differ tremendously from one another in their offerings and it s not difficult to see how one particular could get confused when coming to pick among them.

One particular point of contention when using websites is what exactly can the user count on the site to supply when it comes to service, help and so on.

Whilst you can find no clearly defined guidelines for whats expected of a dating website, you can find some basic industry requirements which are adhered to by trustworthy websites. Right here are several things youll be able to expect from a superb dating site, at the same time as a number of issues that would not be included within the service.

Issues to become expected:

1. Reliability

When using a site, it s not unreasonable to anticipate it to run smoothly and effectively and allow you to produce use from the functions it advertises. This can be particularly accurate if you have paid for the services, but can also be a affordable expectation even though you might be making use of a free of charge internet site.

2. Privacy policy/terms and situations

In no way trust a website that doesnt promote its terms and circumstances and privacy policy openly. They are usually available as hyperlinks from the main page or the about page of the site, at times in the bottom on the web page. Even though typically lengthy and boring, these documents are an essential read if youd like to know just what it is you happen to be agreeing to if you sign up to the web site.

3. Problem resolution

Dating internet sites are designed to be a safe and safe environment for people to meet. Although often it s impossible for the internet site to weed out every dodgy individual immediately, it s completely reasonable to count on the moderators in the website to respond speedily to complaints voiced by customers and for offensive customers to be removed from the web site.

4. Support for issues to complete together with the web site

In case you have difficulties making use of any of the functions on a web site, youll be able to count on assist and support in the site staff. This consists of explanations of anything from the chat method to how to speak to folks or the way to upload a photo. Moat internet sites provide email support and

5. Free search just before payment

Allowing you to try prior to you buy is just about market regular. Most sites won t anticipate you to put your bank card information in before operating a quick search on the web site.

It s usually greatest to possess a appear about a site to view regardless of whether it has any members and no matter whether any of these appear like the kind of folks you would like to speak to. If a web site calls for you to pay initial, be suspicious: it may nicely be a scam.

What can t I count on from a web site:

1. 100% fault totally free

Dating web sites usually are not as effortless to keep as any of us would like. As a result, occasional downtime or bugs are inevitable. Whilst it s fair to accept a decent degree of service (see above), do take into account that often mistakes do happen. The truth that a website is big and successful doesn t necessarily mean it will run effectively 100% in the time. As a rule, a couple of bugs here and there along with the occasional few hours downtime are to become anticipated but if a web site is down for days, you re probably better off going elsewhere unless the situation improves drastically.

two. Immediate outcomes

Even on the internet dating takes time and even the most effective websites might not deliver the results you desire straight away. Even when a internet site looks disappointing initially glance, it may nonetheless turn out to become a winner in case you give it a bit of time. Spending a number of weeks on a site should Check be enough to inform you whether it s the correct site for you. If, right after that, you are nevertheless not convinced, at least you

three. Support for issues not to do together with the internet site

Any excellent dating site may have a buyer service group who will readily help you with any concerns relating for the web site itself. They are significantly less probably to help you with troubles relating to your own personal computer or Internet service as well as your capability to use them. Some might nonetheless do, but normally, the support teams who perform for dating web site organizations, count on the users to have a simple degree of Internet/computer understanding.

4. Having the ability to deal with offensive issues that happened off the site

The people who moderate dating website only have jurisdiction more than what takes place on their website. They cant, for example, act around the basis of emails sent off website, phone calls and so on. The only thing theyre able to do is cooperate with the police in situations exactly where there is certainly a require for further details when investigating a case.

It really is frequent practice for Internet scammers to try and lure people away from a dating web site and into private conversations offsite as quickly as possible, specifically for that explanation.

5. Receiving involved in personal relationships (telling you if a person has study your messages or not)

It really is not possible for internet site teams to obtain involved in what happens between customers on the internet site unless the situation is someone is becoming offensive. They couldn t, as an example, let you know no matter whether someone has read your messages if that function isnt a regular function around the site. They will also not be capable of speak to one more user in your behalf.

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08 Sep 2015
Why Numerous Choose On the internet Dating Over Traditional 1

Gone would be the days when dating signifies courting your future spouse you met at school or inside your neighborhood. Romance could blossom now using a click of a mouse.

The internet has turn into the ultimate haven for singles with out the drunks, the noise, along with the exorbitant expense you pay to become in the bars desperately hoping to become noticed. Thanks to online dating internet sites, you don t have to ask your mother or pal to help you hook up with someone they think is ideal for you which in most circumstances, isn t.

Some may possibly still believe in the good ol standard dating. Excellent luck to them. But not you. You are smart and savvy. You know that online dating is a better and quicker way of connecting with other people and receiving to understand them. You realize you can t meet all the individuals on the planet that might just be your ideal match. The internet expands your probabilities, widening your choices to meet a mate.

What would be the additional reasons for checking out on the web websites?

1. The capability to simply access profiles from the easy access to a wide variety of profiles. On-line web sites make you see numerous profiles to get a achievable match. Clicking on an individual that you simply have an interest on is so effortless with just a click on the mouse. Vice-versa, other folks who would also prefer to speak to you (and hopefully, just much more than that) may also message you.

In traditional dating, you happen to be limited to the social circle that you have. Your option then becomes limited. In contrast to in on the internet dating, exactly where selections might be limitless, and just isnt limited in your quick circle of buddies and acquaintances.

two. Most trustworthy dating sites are safe. They may be very certain on this location, enforcing amongst other people, a Code of Ethics amongst members, Certification that a member is single, and background verify on criminal record. Verify whether the web site has security nets.

Each traditional and on the web dating have their dangers, although dating traditionally, admittedly, has lesser security risks. But youll be able to never be too positive.

three. Youve the decision to meet or to not meet somebody. In case you usually do not really feel meeting somebody up, then it truly is your selection.

Compared with on the web dating, you feel a sense of stress when an individual desires you to meet this or that. In case your very best buddy nags Extra resources you to meet their cousin, how are you able to say no? In on-line dating, the choice to say yes or no is very simple.

4. The accuracy in finding you a superb mate increases considering that the internet site has personal profiles for you personally to examine, character tests, and image uploads. Some websites can even have audio and video capabilities in their individual advertisements.

Do not ignore these opportunities in enhancing your personal ads. Other singles and potential matches will take a look at your advertisements longer in the event you have video or audio clips in your ad Personals advertisements with photos of youve got a response of 80 percent, but ads with a video clip or audio clip (or both) have a 97% response.

In contrast to in conventional dating, you get to know different kinds of individuals in just a couple of minutes. You can sense someone s personality with no the hassle of really meeting that individual initial.

five. It really is comparatively cost-effective and rapidly. On the web dating sites are less costly and faster than arranging a date with somebody referred to you by a buddy. In just a few minutes, your ideal match could be obtainable.

Naturally, web dating won t assure you a simple head start off in dating and romance. After all, like any forms of dating, on-line dating takes practice and patience. On the internet dating has its downfalls also. Getting on the internet doesnt mean everyone would be buzzing around you.

That is certainly why when you find yourself making use of on the internet dating solutions, you should take duty for your actions, and consider security dangers also. Following all youre spending income too money not only for connecting to the Web, but in addition for the minimal charges you spend for becoming a member in those web sites. Internet dating websites expense primarily due to two causes: First, to discourage fly-by-night creeps who just lurk and are curious in cyberspace. Second, running a great on the internet dating service charges a lot, which also includes ensuring that members are protected.

Youll find vast variations between classic and on-line dating, and it would not hurt you attempting dating online.

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06 Sep 2015

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